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If you know me in real life then you know that I am a numbers type of guy and I love to play around with pie charts and excel spreadsheets and create metrics. So one of the things that I would like to do moving forward is to create store metrics and add interesting stats about the Ovi store. This is not an easy task considering that Nokia does not release any store figure regularly but I have some ideas about how to generate these reports and we will see if I can pull it off in the coming days. If there are some metrics that you would like to see, let me know and I will see if I can get them.

For now the only information that I can gather from the store is the application category distribution. Below is a chart of all the top level categories according to Nokia ( Applications, Games, Audio & Video and Personalisation) and the number of applications currently active in each. If this chart is any indication, there is a huge opportunity for developers to create apps in business, music and sports related categories.

NOTE: The Ovi web portal only shows the apps specific to your handset so therefore this chart was created for all apps available for Nokia N97. I also did not include the sub-categories ( total of 10 ) for Games category.


This chart will be updated on monthly basis.

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  • Hey Thom,

    So according to, there are four major categories :Applications, Games, Audio&Video and Personalsation. Applications category includes sub categories like Utilities, Social Networks, Maps, etc apps. Personalsation covers all ringtones, themes and wallpapers.

    My new post tonight in regards to Android vs Ovi should give you some ideas about how to bring devs and consumers together.

  • thomkennon

    Cool analysis Payam.

    2 quick questions - what are you including in 'Applications' (aren't most of them 'applications'?) Also, what are you including in 'Personalisation'?.

    I agree with you re the content opportunity areas for developers. I work with the Ovi team (as an agency partner) and we're looking for new ways to bring developers and consumers together --- your energies around this are much appreciated!

    Thom Kennon

  • By the way Payam, the Ovi web portal can be set to show available items for all handsets if you log out of Ovi and then select the all handsets option from the front page. That would be a much better way of working if you're trying to find general facts and figures for Ovi Store.

    The 20,000 figure may be the same method that console manufacturers use for "titles", i.e. all the different localised versions counted separately.

    Sony sometimes claims there are 20,000 titles on the PS2, but if you remove the duplicates in different languages the figure for true unique titles is actually something like 5000.

    It's very difficult to measure the number of releases on Ovi Store though as there seems to be a lot of variation depending on where you're accessing it from and which handset you have selected. As I said before, it's best to select the all handsets option if you want a broader picture, but even this seems to vary by region.

  • All valid points.

    I did a comparison before writing the article and the apps available for N95 and N97 were pretty similar so I decided to go with the latest handset.

    In regards to number of titles available, I agree....its alway been that manufactures count different localized version separately. That didn't occur to me...thanks for pointing it out.

  • Using the N97 for metrics is perhaps not a good idea as it has only been on general release for a few days (in many areas it still isn't available yet). Developers tend not to support brand new devices as much as established devices.

    It might be better to use something like the N95 which has been around a while and has a mass audience, which means it has a lot more software support.

  • well....I've never been able to figure out how Nokia comes up with that number, I actually think it is more like 3500 content but since Nokia counts all the themes and ringtones, it adds up to be 20,000.

    It will be nice if we can get some clearfication on that from Nokia.

  • Ranjeev Solomon

    is this based on the 20000 plus apps that Nokia claims they have in the store?

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