Ovi Categories July vs. August

As a follow up to my application category post last month, I wanted to do a quick comparison between the current state of applications in the store vs July 2009.

As somebody commented on the previous post, using N97 as a metric was probably not a good idea since it is a new device and many developers don’t yet support the device. So for this study I decided to compare between N97 and All phones supported by Ovi store so you have a clear picture of what is available in Ovi.

Here are few key takeaways:

  • Ovi store for N97 grew by 3 percent in August with total number of 1290 titles vs 1249 in July. That is about 1 new application a day added to store.
  • Personalisation category which includes Ring tones, Themes and Wallpapers remain the highest category with over 1,000 titles.
  • Several categories including Guides/Maps , Music, Photo and video actually saw a drop in their application numbers. This could be due to QA, availability or just a simple search problem on the Ovi portal.

Overall, we are seeing some quality apps and games slowly appear on Ovi and developers seem to be happy with the initial results ( My interview with Antti Lammi ) . Nokia has also started a huge marketing campaign in North America so I expect to see this growth continue in the coming months.

Ovi Categories August vs July 2009

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